Biome Environment

Collect real-time air, water and wastes data from CEMS and sensors, apply models, conduct scenario testing, automate regulatory reporting.

  • Powerful and flexible data visualisation

  • Connect to CEMS and sensors

  • Import data directly from vendors

Additional Core Features

  • Integrate with LIMS
  • Connect to CEMS & SCADA
  • Aggregate by system & location
  • Apply weather models
  • Mapping & geo-tagging
  • Standard & conditional limits
  • Apply logic rules
  • Regulatory reporting templates

Connect, Monitor and Visualise

Connect to existing CEMS instrumentation via SCADA, link to sensor networks or simply import data directly from a LIMS or vendor systems. Analyse and detect data anomalies – automate threshold or statistical alerts. Visualise raw data or view as aggregation by point, origin, group, system and location.

Model, Predict and Backtrace

Apply statistical analysis to model environmental quality and the impact of point or area emissions on local environs. Use scenario testing to predict future impacts due to emission or production changes. Link to weather sensor data to accurately predict outfall and backtrace emission or odour complaints from local communities.

Report, Trend and Communicate

Report on compliance environmental quality and emission results, as concentration or mass flow rates. Compare results with permit standard and conditional limits. Discover mean + 3 sigma exceptions and uncover logic rule exceptions to detect laboratory and sensor/instrumentation errors. Compile regulatory reports for multiple jurisdictions and communicate to colleagues with ease.

Case Study

Biome Environment at a High Technology Manufacturer

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