Biome CSR

Enterprise-class Corporate Social Responsibility software – collect, verify, analyse and report on CSR metrics, goals and indicators.

  • Launch global sustainability campaigns

  • Verify data accuracy and completeness

  • Build complex sustainability indicators

Additional Core Features

  • Highly configurable campaigns
  • Collect centralised corporate data
  • Connect to sensors & meters
  • Flexible indicator calculations
  • Standard emission factors
  • Mapping & geo-tagging
  • Transparent calculations
  • Powerful trending & reporting

Custom Sustainability Campaigns

Build highly configurable campaigns to collect, verify and aggregate corporate sustainability metrics. Request metrics from particular sites, countries, regions and entities. Connect to real-time sensors & meters to bypass manual data entry.

Ensure Data Accuracy and Completeness

Automate data input reminders and completeness checks. Set tolerances for action and warning limits – spot anomalies and potential input errors. Query anomalous data, request evidence and explanations prior to finalising reports. Ensure data accuracy and completeness is built-in to every campaign.

Powerful CSR Reporting Across Geographies

Report across all CSR categories, including energy, transport, resources, wastes, financial, social and product. Use standardised emission factor libraries to calculate carbon equivalent emissions. Create transparent indicator calculations across sites, countries, regions and entities. Visualise output with flexible and intuitive charts, maps and reports.

Case Study

Canon Europe

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