Biome Chemicals

Chemical compliance and risk – manage chemical approvals, inventories, hazard classifications, SDSs and regulatory compliance.

  • Track compliance with regulatory lists

  • Import data from purchasing systems

  • Report on full regulatory compliance

Additional Core Features

  • Integrate with purchasing
  • SDS indexing & versioning
  • CLP & GHS compatible
  • Regulatory list updates
  • Supplier communication
  • Elastic search
  • Full regulatory reporting
  • Apply rules, alerts & thresholds

Manage Chemical Approvals and Hazards

Create a highly configurable chemical approval workflow to match business requirements. Connect to purchasing systems to capture chemical transactions and inventory. Index all product and ingredient hazards, for multiple regulatory jurisdictions and systems, like CLP and GHS. Maintain full control and knowledge of chemical risk and compliance.

Track Regulatory Compliance

Ensure potential chemical regulatory risks are discovered prior to introducing a chemical on-site or in-process. Match chemical products and ingredients with regulatory lists to ensure compliance. Match on name, CASNR, hazard classification and transaction history. Automate the cumbersome task of chemical compliance.

Manage SDS Compliance

Maintain full SDS compliance across the enterprise with a single repository of SDSs, linked to chemical inventory and regulatory compliance reporting. Ensure an appropriate, up-to-date SDS is assigned to each product, for each country or jurisdiction. Index all product hazards per country and hazard classification system. Search all hazards and indexed components with elastic search capability.

Case Study

Biome Chemicals at a High Technology Manufacturer

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