The chemicals industry is highly regulated – in addition to the regulation of its products, it is also subject to strict regulatory control of pollutant releases and waste transfers.

Monitoring, measuring and managing the environmental impact of chemical processes is critical to maintaining a sustainable, future-proof operation. This includes robust monitoring of ambient environmental quality, air emissions, hazardous waste transfers, wastewater, stormwater, surface water and groundwater quality.

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Biome and the Chemicals Industry

  • Manage strict permit and licence requirements
  • Monitor and control industrial emissions and waste transfers
  • Manage chemicals consumption and hazards
  • Prevent incidents through effective environmental monitoring

Consumer Goods

From food and drink to electronics – the consumer industry touches every aspect of our modern lives. The impact from the industry sector is significant, with potential heavy utility, raw material and chemical consumption, resulting in significant resulting emissions and wastes.

Environmental management with the industry can be controlled, full cycle with Biome. Biome can be used to measure, monitor and manage resource consumption, environmental quality, emissions and wastes – ensuring optimum process control, efficiency and facility compliance with permit, licence and corporate conditions and requirements.

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Biome and the Consumer Goods Industry

  • Manage resource consumption and environmental impact
  • Ensure robust and compliant chemical management – corporate-wide
  • Monitor environmental quality and emissions in real-time
  • Track wastes from origin, to final destination, to treatment


The manufacturing sector has a broad-base – it is the lifeblood of economics. The environmental impact of the sector is significant and requires careful management and mitigation.

Measurement and management of manufacturing impacts must be carried out to assess the impact on air quality, surface and groundwater, wastewater and waste transfers – both general and hazardous. The assessment and aggregation of mass emissions must also be calculated to comply with regulatory and (EPA and E-PRTR) requirements. Vigilant attention must also be applied to emission loading statistical trends – to assess increases in emissions – causing a potential compliance issue.

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Biome and the Manufacturing Industry

  • Measure air, water, waste and nuisance impacts on the local environs
  • Maintain compliance with permit and licence conditions.
  • Ensure robust chemical compliance and supply chain security
  • Manage environmental management systems

Metals and Mining

The extraction and processing activities involved in metals and mining industries have a potential high environmental impact. From exploration and extraction, to processing and shipping, to decommissioning and restoration – the full cycle impact of these operations must be managed through proper planning, assessment, monitoring and investigation.

The Biome system can be implemented to automate environmental accounting and management – throughout every activity – including baseline environmental quality, socio-economic impacts, site emissions, wastes management and ecological assessment. Comprehensive and continuous monitoring, predictive analysis and compliance reporting is automated – to allow environmental engineers and scientists to focus on more important tasks, ensuring the future success of operations.

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Biome and the Metals and Mining Industry

  • Manage environmental impact across the full cycle of operations
  • Measure and manage every aspect – from ecological impact to air quality
  • Automate compliance reporting, including predictive impact analysis
  • Comprehensive real-time continuous environmental monitoring

Oil and Gas

Environmental monitoring and control of oil and gas installations is serious business. The potential impact of an environmental incident on the local environment and community can be extensive – that's why great effort goes into baseline environment and emissions monitoring – to mitigate risk and protect the workforce, environment and facility assets.

Use Biome to monitor and control the baseline ambient environmental quality and any potential environmental impact of operations, including groundwater flows and quality, stack and flare emissions, wastewater permit management, stormwater quality and noise/vibration impact.

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Biome and the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Manage and comply with permit conditions
  • Establish baseline environmental quality
  • Monitor the impact of environmental emissions
  • Stay on top of chemical use and compliance

Power and Utilities

The environmental impact of the power and utilities industry is irrefutable. However, so is the sector's desire for environmental responsibility and control. Managing the environmental impact of operations is critical to plant sustainability. The sector is highly regulated and an intensive consumer of energy, water and raw materials – therefore, strict and robust environmental management is a requirement.

Using the Biome System to manage full cycle sustainability enables total environmental compliance with licence and permit conditions, whilst allowing powerful insight into energy, chemicals, emissions and CSR performance.

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Biome and the Power and Utilities Industry

  • Comply with permit and licence conditions
  • Measure every environmental aspect
  • Report on regulatory compliance and environmental efficiency
  • Collect and manage CSR reporting

Regulatory Authorities

Requesting, verifying and aggregating facility environmental quality and waste transfer data for permit and license-holders is an enormous task. Biome can automate workflows to gather, aggregate and verify environmental data is accurate and complete – ensuring the best possible value-add service for the permit- and license-holders.

Biome also provides powerful automated reports, charts and alerts to ensure the authority gains insight into the environmental performance of facilities – as well as provide roll-up, aggregate reports for data sharing with state, national or international agencies, i.e. EPA or European Environment Agency (EEA).

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Biome and Regulatory Authorities

  • Manage and track multiple facility permits and licences
  • Workflows to automate monitoring and waste data collation
  • Report, visualise and present environmental performance
  • Aggregate facility data for data sharing with agencies